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Board/Committee/Work Group minutes

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Annual Conference Planning Committee

Charge: To plan and coordinate the annual meeting of the Association.

WAPC Board of Directors

Charge: The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the business and affairs of the Corporation and shall make all necessary rules and regulations for the management of business and guidance of WAPC, its officers, employees, and designated agents.
Minutes: 4/22/18, 11/10/17, 4/30/17, 11/11/16, 4/24/16

CEO Work Group

Charge: To examine outreach education and recommend to WAPC ways to strengthen perinatal continuing education in the state.
Minutes: 6/26/15, 3/6/15, 12/12/14, 8/1/14

Fetal Monitoring Work Group

Charge: To develop and offer educational activities related to fetal monitoring.

Infant and Family Committee

Charge: To study and place in priority the needs to be addressed in the area of infant health care and family support; and, to recommend to the Board of Directors activity WAPC should initiate to address these needs.
Minutes: 5/11/18, 1/8/18, 10/9/17, 3/10/17, 12/2/16

Nutrition Committee

Charge: To provide a means to coordinate relationships between persons and programs involved with perinatal nutrition and to otherwise promote quality assurance in perinatal nutrition.
Minutes: 9/6/17, 5/8/17, 2/23/17

Perinatal Data Committee

Charge: To establish, collect, m3/2aintain, and promote standardized data to support the goals of improved perinatal health.
Minutes: 6/6/18, 4/12/18, 3/2/18, 1/31/18 3/22/17

Peripartum Committee

Charge: To explore contemporary issues and promote education about evidence-based care for women in the intrapartum and postpartum periods.

Preconception and Prenatal Care Committee

Charge: To identify and set priorities to address preconception and prenatal health care needs, and to create, implement, and evaluate strategies to meet those needs.
Minutes:5/14/18, 1/22/18, 11/13/17, 9/12/17, 5/22/17

Prenatal Testing Committee

Charge: To review and maintain a knowledge base of current professional literature on prenatal testing; to develop a set of criteria to assess individual prenatal tests in terms of their clinical, ethical and economic values; to determine which tests may be more appropriately recommended for the preconceptional period; to recommend specific tests appropriate for prenatal screening; to facilitate the development of collaborative professional and public education programs on prenatal testing and follow-up; and to consider recommendations for public policy initiatives that could promote effective and efficient prenatal testing.

Public Affairs Committee

Charge: To facilitate administrative and legislative activities and awareness necessary to support the goals of improved perinatal health.

Tertiary Care Committee

Charge: To serve as a forum within which individuals who are involved in the provision of tertiary level perinatal care can discuss and address issues of mutual interest and concern.