"You can’t tell by looking™"

Postpartum Depression: Resources

The Perinatal Foundation provides resources about perinatal depression for women experiencing depression and for providers who work with women in the childbearing period. The materials include:

Algorithm for Management of Unipolar Depression in Pregnant and Postpartum Women
An algorithm for management of unipolar depression intended for clinicians who provide primary care to pregnant and postpartum women.

Antidepressant Medication Chart
Shows information about commonly used antidepressants in easy-to-use table format.

Madre, hay esperanza® Audio CD
This 35 minute Spanish-language CD is intended to raise awareness about postpartum depression and make this information more accessible for Latino families.

Perinatal Depression Screening Tools*
You can't tell just by looking that someone is depressed. Studies demonstrate that the incidence of major depression with postpartum onset identified through use of a valid screening tool was significantly higher than the incidence detected by routine clinical evaluation alone.

Position Statement on Screening for Prenatal and Postpartum Depression
This WAPC position statement includes the rationale and plan for routine depression screening and treatment of pregnant and postpartum women by health care clinicians.

Simple Things You Can Do (tear off sheets and posters in English and Spanish)
These items include a short list of ideas to help women experiencing depression feel better and relate more positively to their babies and families.

Voices of Experience: A collection of culturally-specific first-person narratives about perinatal depression
This booklet provides six first-person narratives about perinatal depression. It is designed to bring out issues that may be universal to the experience of perinatal depression.

You Can’t Tell By Looking (poster)
This poster emphasizes that you can’t simply tell by looking if a woman is depressed.

* The Perinatal Foundation does not endorse a particular screening tool.