“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.” - Garrison Keillor

For Parents and Consumers

As a parent, caregiver, or consumer of perinatal health care, you want access to the most accurate and up-to-date health information.

WAPC can help.  Visit our Resources for Parents and Consumers.

Have questions about breastfeeding?  Visit our Breastfeeding FAQs.

Have questions about how to take or interpret your newborn's temperature?  Visit our Newborn Temperature FAQs

The health information and resources WAPC provides are written and reviewed by perinatal health care providers and experts across Wisconsin. The people who helped create our educational materials and programs are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, and others working to serve you and your family, here in Wisconsin and beyond.



Did you know?

WAPC is the largest perinatal care association in the United States – larger than the National Perinatal Association (NPA).