The vision of WAPC...
"A healthy baby born into a family prepared to nurture, love, and support."

What we value

Our vision is a world where every baby is born healthy, wanted, and into a family prepared to nurture, love, and support.

Our mission is to improve perinatal outcomes by:

  • Leading collaborative efforts that promote, develop, and coordinate systems of evidence-based, high quality perinatal care in Wisconsin
  • Providing and supporting professional educational programs that focus on the continuum of perinatal care
  • Valuing and engaging the talented and diverse community of perinatal health care advocates
  • Increasing public awareness of perinatal health


In 1970, a multidisciplinary group of perinatal care providers formed the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC). WAPC was organized for the purpose of promoting perinatal health to all mothers and infants in Wisconsin. The original objectives of WAPC were to organize perinatal centers around the state; educate staff providing services within these centers; and, educate staff in outlying hospitals about how to stabilize, treat, and refer perinatal patients. This was a cooperative effort between WAPC, Wisconsin birth hospitals, and the state health agency. WAPC’s leadership of the effort to regionalize perinatal care put Wisconsin “on the map” as a leader in the delivery of perinatal services.

“No doubt that WAPC is the driving force in perinatal health in the state and nationally.... WAPC has always been in the forefront.”
Chris Van Mullem, RNC, WAPC President, 1996-97.

By 1977, regionalized perinatal centers were established throughout the state and the emphasis of the association began to shift. The objectives of the Association evolved to better describe and educate on the regional perinatal system and focus on preventive care.

The focus on preventive care remains today, with an emphasis on helping women enter pregnancy as healthy as possible, a concept referred to as “preconception care.” WAPC is a national leader in the development of preconception health educational tools for providers and consumers

WAPC stays true to its founding goal of educating the perinatal work force in Wisconsin and beyond, as an accredited provider of continuing medical and nursing education. WAPC developed many educational programs over its history, including the Regional Forum Series and its premier educational event held every spring, the Annual Statewide Perinatal Conference.

“WAPC was unique because it was truly multidisciplinary and that uniqueness is what gave it credibility as a believable advocate for perinatal care.”
Charles Hammond, MD, (past president)

Today, WAPC is the largest perinatal care association in the United States, and remains a leader in the advancement and improvement of perinatal care. While the health care environment continues to change, the mission and purpose of WAPC remains stable--to be an association within which individuals and organizations come together to address perinatal care issues.

“I am very proud of the time and effort that was put into getting WAPC started. It has more than lived up to the hopes and dreams of the early pioneers in perinatal care in Wisconsin. I wish they could all see what has been accomplished in the last 35 years.”
Stan Graven (upon WAPC’s 35th Anniversary.)




Did you know?

One purpose of WAPC is to promote, coordinate, and develop perinatal care in the State of Wisconsin.